Liquid Herbal Nitro has grown in the last 5 years. We started in Southern California, with just our original Liquid Nitro Herbal Energy Drink. We expanded our products as well as our manufacturing and distribution centers. Liquid Nitro can meet the demands of both on & off premise customers, as well as sugar and carb conscious individuals. With a taste and performance ranked in the top ten of all Energy Drinks (nutrition farm top ten energy drinks). One taste is all you need to see why our Energy Drinks are known as one of the best tasting energy drinks without the crash!

Liquid Nitro has also entered the fast growing energy shot market with three very effective and Great Tasting Energy Shots. Liquid Nitro Shooter is powered with 6 Great Tasting Super Fruits, with an Exotic Berry Flavor, that has absolutely No Crash, or Nasty After Taste. Liquid Nitro Lean Energy Shooter is Powered with the same Great Super Fruits, with the same Great Taste, we just added the Super Citrimax and Chromemate that is clinically proven to curb your appetite and control body weight. Fuel For Passion is an Energy Shot made just for men. It is proven to make the males feel young again! The fastest working, Best Tasting Male Enhancement Shot you can find! One 3oz. bottle and you and your significant other will be hooked!

Liquid Herbal Nitro has been ranked as the #1 Energy Drink in the party crazy country of Jamaica. Because of the efforts of Tingles Distributing it is spreading throughout the Carribean! Antiqua, Cayman, Trinidad, St. Vincents and Belize are just some of the Islands you can enjoy an Ice Cold Liquid Nitro. Many more Islands are coming on board as well as several Countries. In South America such as Brazil, Columbia and Panama. Southern Florida was next to benefit from the Carribean word of Mouth, and now all of Florida is enjoying the benefits. New distributors are getting started in Colorado, Chicago, and Pennsylvania as well as North Carolina, New York and Texas. The West Coast has been a tough market to crack, but with the help of the 7 business center Costco's, the Liquid Nitro name should start to spread out West.

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Three New Products

A great tasting Energy Iced Tea, a Tropical Caribbean Guava Flavored Energy Drink, and a 3oz. Shot To Help You Relax & Unwind. View products >